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Residential, Commercial, & Recreational Landscapes


Landscaping & Irrigation Construction
Residential, Commercial and Recreational landscape & irrigation installations. Seeding, Hydro-mulching, planting, live staking, hay and straw mulching, erosion control blankets and bales, grading improvements, subsurface drainage, retaining walls, flagstone patios, ponds, pools and dry stream beds

Landscape Architecture
Land and site planning, golf course architecture, grading and drainage plans, planting plans, open space and recreational design, upland and wetland planting plans; pools, ponds and water features, recreational planning; project management; cost estimation and AutoCad drafting

Irrigation Design
Irrigation plans and construction detailing, pump stations, potable and non-potable systems, rotor, spray and drip irrigation plans for single family residential, commercial, industrial and recreational projects

Belmire has a 10 acre growing facility on Highway 287 in Loveland. We specialize in locally grown trees and shrubs for our projects. Our nursery stocks a variety of deciduous and evergreen trees, shrubs and perennials

Computer Assisted Designs
Autodesk land development and civil engineering software; AutoCAD version 2000 and 14R; Adobe Photoshop, Pagemaker and Illustrator, construction documents, digital terrain modeling, 3D visualization, cut/fill calculations, sections, profiles and alignments

Water Use Considerations

As Colorado responds to the current and projected drought conditions in the state, we place a high focus on sustainability, water conservation, and water use management. The team takes a long-term view on considering current water needs and costs and balancing the with long-term water usage and water cost-reduction techniques. This includes a variety of approaches and techniques to managing the site and landscape. With a focus on conservation methods, eliminating water waste, and focusing on water use, our work has included:

  • Reduced use of turf grass

  • Implementation of xeriscape planting principles

  • Increased native and wildflower plantings

  • Providing for soil preparation and inclusion of proper soil amendments

  • Slope stability and erosion controls

  • State-of-the-art irrigation design using ground moisture sensors and temporary irrigation systems

  • Planning for proper turf-management and soil amendments

  • Consideration for creating and maintaining playabilities of fields

  • Rotation of play areas to allow for re-building of turf grass

  • Increased consideration for and response to an appropriate ratio of grass areas to surfaced areas

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