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Regenerative Landscapes

Beyond LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)


LEED is the best known building sustainability benchmark of our time, but our landscapes go further. This devotion to sustainability allows us to easily collect maximum LEED points for your project’s landscape components. Our knowledge of native plants, soil, and wise water usage allows us to squeeze as many points out of the LEED certification as possible. LEED projects that we work on look sustainable all the way to the curb.


Our spaces not only look different, but they perform better. The soil is our first focus; not an afterthought. Our soil building techniques bring the biology back to heavily damaged soils, quickly improving plant health, soil porosity and water retention. After soil building, we design and build our landscapes to divert water away from structures and into the landscape where deep-rooted native plants take advantage of the supplemental water. These techniques help our landscapes remain healthy and lush, even during the toughest summers.


You perfected the indoor experience.

Why not perfect the outdoor one as well?

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