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Life Cycle Services

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

The services that you’ll receive from Belmire Sprinkler & Landscaping are just a bit different from the norm. The difference lies in the function and form of what we create for you. We build small scale ecosystems. Rather than concentrate on separate components, we design and build everything to operate as an integral part of the larger system. Every part has its purpose. Our designers and landscape architects have been in the industry a long time and understand exactly how one component of a landscape will directly affect another. It’s this complexity and knowledge that makes our services stand out.

We design, build and maintain landscape systems. Just as our landscapes are a myriad of components working as one, our services are separate activities that create the most cohesive space. Where Belmire really excels is at our life cycle of services.

We thoughtfully design the space, considering the system and the way you will use the space. We spend time developing our designs to ensure that they are just right. The point of our work is that it is long lasting, so we spend time observing, researching and adjusting until the design is just right.

Installing these designs can require nuances that are not commonly known. All gardens are not created equal, nor are all boulder or plant placements. During the installation process we are able to make any minor tweaks that will further improve the function or aesthetic of the system. Maybe a neighbor’s tree was recently trimmed, changing the light exposure; we can adjust the plant material in the affected area. Situations like this are common. Our installation crew can deal with them on the fly and make adaptations that will improve the function of your design.

With our maintenance service you know that your landscape is receiving the exact care that it requires. Since we designed the landscape, we know exactly what it can look like throughout its growth. Every landscape company has its own aesthetic standards, so why risk hiring someone that has different aesthetic ideas than the original designer of your space. What was designed to move gracefully in the breeze should not be shaped into a ball.

Using all of our services in conjunction with one another insures your landscape performs at its peak. We fully understand the nuanced goals of each service and can tailor the subsequent service to further enhance the space’s performance. The piggybacked services build upon the quality of the previous service. Employing Belmire this way also insures that you have someone who completely understands your space and can work with you for the long term. We are not only a resource to your landscape, but to you as well.

What can we accomplish together in your space? Start the creative process now.

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